Thuraya MarineStar with WiFi


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NEW - Thuraya MarineStar with WiFi - Use your favourite apps directly on your mobile phone!

Users can access apps directly on their own mobile phones via the Thuraya MarineStar's WiFi!

By combining the original Thuraya MarineStar terminal with a pre-configured router, users are able to access apps directly on their own mobile phones via a WiFi hotspot. The built-in firewall also ensures users can keep their airtime costs at an all-time low!

With the Allied eParts bundle, you can send and receive messages, voice messages and photos via your favourite apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Line
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Zalo

If you want to enable or disable access to other applications, simply contact us and we'll be able to configure the router for you. Its that simple!

Product Description 

Thuraya MarineStar Maritime Voice & Data Terminal is the most affordable maritime satellite voice solution with tracking and monitoring capabilities. Voice call, SMS and data (GmPRS) services.

Key features:

  • Set up in less than 45 minutes
  • Access 3rd party apps directly on your mobile phone
  • Excellent SMS and voice call quality
  • User friendly interface
  • Data speed up to 60 kbps
  • Firewall pre-configured to control costs
  • External antenna enables you to use the MarineStar indoors 
  • IEC 60945 standard
  • External antenna has IP67 rating
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Bahasa, Tagalog, Turkish
  • FIsh catch reporting via SMS
  • Tracking application as a service

This bundle includes:
- 1 x RS232 to USB Cable [Exclusive to Allied eParts Bundle]
- 1 x Pre-configured router with firewall and WiFi [Exclusive to Allied eParts Bundle]
- 1 x Base Terminal
- 1 x Active Antenna
- 1 x Antenna Mounting Kit (L shaped based plate, 2 U clamps, 4 M6 nuts & washers)
- 1 x Power Cable (5 meters with 2P circular cable connector)
- 1 x SAT RF Cable (25 meters with N-type Male connectors)
- 1 x GPS RF Cable (25 meters with SMA Male connectors)
- User Manual

General Specifications

Voice Call
Up to 160 characters (English)
GmPRS (60kbps / 15kbps) via external interface
Ingress Protection
Base Terminal (BDU): IP32
Antenna (ADU): IP67
CE, RoHS, REACH, IEC60945 & 62368, RED & RCM
Physical Interfaces
- GPIO -2in -2out
- RS-232
- NMEA support
- RJ-11 analog phone extension and PBX
- Inbuilt PBX between BDU and extension phone to support office-on-the-bridge requirements
- 3.5mm audio output

Size Specifications

Antenna: 180mm x 170mm
BDU: 203mm x 190mm x 72.7mm
Antenna: 1.3kg
BDU: 1.07kg

Further information
Product Sheet
User Manual
Manufacturer Product Features and Details

Product Code

Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
Terms and conditions apply

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