Photo of Cobham SAILOR SP3510 VHF Portable Radio

Cobham SAILOR SP3510 VHF Portable Radio


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Product Description

Designed and built to high SAILOR standards, SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF fits comfortably in your palm, is waterproof to IP67, and features a large clear screen.

Out on deck, in high seas and driving rain, you will always get the message and the ribbed grip design means that even with gloves on in wet conditions, you will not drop this VHF and find yourself out on your own.

A powerful transceiver, excellent audio, Dual Watch, Tri Watch and Scanning, and user programmable channels ensure high performance operation whatever the application.

Functionality to suit your job and confidence that all parties can be heard loud and clear, even when working in windy and noisy conditions, are integral to SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF.

With large tactile buttons and control knobs, a user-friendly interface and red backlight to protect night vision, using SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF is easy.

Whether hauling in a catch or servicing a pontoon, by relying on SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF you can improve your safety and efficiency, day or night.

This product includes:
- 1 x Transceiver
- 1 x Antenna 
- 1 x Belt clip 
- 1 x Lanyard 
- 1 x Li-Ion rechargeable battery and charger
- 1 x AC/DC converter/adaptor 
- 1 x DC connection 
- 1 x Operators manual

General Specifications

Approval • R&TTE
Frequency  149.3 - 174 MHz
Channel Separation 25kHz
Pre-programmed Channels Int., US, Canadian and BI
Additional Programmable Channels 100
Transmitter power (Hi/Lo) (radiated) 5W/1W
Water Ingress Protection IP67
Battery 1800 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Size Specifications

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